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Cyrus Andaz:

My name is Cyrus Andaz. Blogging is something new for me, it was never something I thought I’d be doing in my high school career, but here we go. I’m 15 years old, and I attend a small school on Long Island, New York. The undoubtedly unclear, murky, dangerous stock market stumbled upon me in the midst of 2022, with my friend Charlie introducing it to me as a method of making a little bit of extra Cash, but that turned south quickly. By quickly, I mean the day of my creation of the stock market. I didn’t know all the intricacies of the market and I went with a blindfold across my eyes into the gauging mouth of the stock market. This inevitably screwed me over a little and caused me to lose a large sum of money to my standards. Now, that I’ve switched up my mindset entirety, I have developed a new way of approaching the market, where I analyze stocks and look at the possibility of purchasing such equity through fundamentals and logististics. In my honest opinion, this is more of a fun little thing to get a better perspective on how our economy is truly run and I hope you guys have fun on this adventure with me

Saif Saleem:

Hello Everyone! My name is Saif Saleem, and I’m a typical 11th grader with an extraordinary passion for stocks and all things finance! I couldn’t resist diving into the thrilling world of investments, so I started my own blog along with Cyrus. Here, I spill the beans on stocks, share my insights, and dish out tips for fellow young investors. Come join me on this wild ride as we navigate the ups and downs of the stock market together!